Metropolitan Baltimore Quadel – MBQ


On January 1, 2015, Metropolitan Baltimore Quadel (MBQ) returned control of the day to day management of the Baltimore Regional Housing Mobility Program to the Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership (BRHP). For more than 12 years, MBQ administered an innovative mobility counseling program in the Baltimore region. During that time, we counseled nearly 10,000 clients and assisted approximately 3,200 families gain access to high opportunity communities and neighborhoods in the Baltimore region where school performance is generally higher and crime rates are lower than the originating neighborhoods that clients were leaving. For information regarding the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program, please visit

For information about the Baltimore Regional Mobility Program or application status please call BRHP at (410) 223-2222 or visit

Landlords who need to download their 2014 1099, please visit

To reach the BRHP staff, please visit

While MBQ is no longer managing the day-to-day operations of the mobility program, we remain actively engaged in the national mobility agenda. To learn more, please visit our Resources page.