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New Homes, New Neighborhoods, New Schools: A Progress Report on the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program

In the Baltimore region, a successful housing mobility program is providing families living in very disadvantaged inner city communities with a new home and a chance for a new life. Minority voucher holders in the federal Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly titled Section 8) have often been limited to living in “voucher submarkets” where racial and economic segregation is high and opportunities are limited. The Baltimore Housing Mobility Program, a specialized regional voucher program operating with deliberate attention to expanding fair housing choice, has overcome some of the biggest barriers to using vouchers in suburban and city neighborhoods where opportunities are abundant. The program’s results-oriented approach has produced a replicable set of best practices for mobility programs while presenting an important model for reform of the national Housing Choice Voucher Program. This report, New Homes, New Neighborhoods, New Schools: A Progress Report on the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program, provides the first-ever comprehensive description of the program.

Expanding Choice; Practical Strategies for Building a Successful Housing Mobility Program

Expanding Choice is a guide for housing practitioners interested in developing a mobility program. Quadel is uniquely positioned to assist housing agencies develop mobility counseling programs. After reviewing this resource, contact Quadel to discuss starting a mobility program in your community.


HousingMobility.org provides a closer look at the experiences of participants in housing mobility programs across the county through essays, photos, audio files and videos. The goal of housing mobility programs is to help low-income families live successfully in “Opportunity Neighborhoods” that give families and individuals access to better schools and employment, with less exposure to crime, and better amenities such as transportation, recreational facilities and shopping.