Operational Support

Quadel’s operational support engagements are tailored to resolve critical operational challenges and workload demands within a PHA’s voucher program.  Clients are able to fulfill their housing mission as a result of Quadel’s ability to recommend and implement proven strategies, methodologies and tools resulting from our direct management and consulting experience.  Clients are able to put into action new project operations quickly and achieve objectives in an efficient and cost effective way.

Recent Housing Authority Operational Support engagements include:

Houston Housing Authority2015 – PresentHCV Quality Control: QualCheck
Special Programs Management
Galveston Housing Authority2014 – PresentHCV Quality Control: QualCheck
Waiting list purge, update and administration
Administrative Plan Update
Lucas Housing Authority2014 – PresentHCV Quality Control: QualCheck
Allentown Housing Authority2012 – 2014Ongoing HCV assistance including
Administrative Plan Update
Charlotte Housing Authority2013HCV program and file review
Ventura, CA Housing Authority2013Project Based Voucher assistance

Examples of our Operational Support assistance to PHAs include:

  • Completed an update and purge of a PHA’s HCV program waiting list including: managing a call center, providing staff training and Administrative Plan updates, and contracting with a local mailing house to handle applicant mail volume
  • Completed a backlog of 5,000 backlogged annual re-certifications including: household interviews, verifications, rent calculations and data entry
  • Completed a large-scale rapid leasing initiative to improve a PHA’s voucher utilization rate