HUD Notices

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  • 15-12 – Amendment to the Definition of Tuition
  • 15-11 – Annual Base City High Cost Percentage and High Cost Area Revisions for 2015
  • 15-10 – Guidance for Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) and Owners of Federally-Assisted Housing on Excluding the Use of Arrest Records in Housing Decisions
  • 15-09 – Implementation of Electronic Submission of Davis-Bacon Wage Rate Certifications
  • 15-08 – Underwriter Approval Delegation
  • 15-07 – Funding Availability for Tenant-Protection Vouchers for Certain At-Risk Households in Low-Vacancy Areas – Fiscal Year 2015
  • 15-06 – Program Eligibility in Multifamily Assisted and Insured Housing Programs in Accordance with HUD’s Equal Access Rule
  • 15-05 – Guidance for Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) Program Counselors providing counseling to prospective HECM mortgagors, and their Non-Borrowing Spouses
  • 15-04 – Methodology for Completing a Multifamily Housing Utility Analysis
    • Attachment A: FAQ: Methodology for Completing a Multifamily Housing Utility Analysis
    • Attachment B: HUD UA Workbok 2015 (Excel)
  • 15-03 – Transferring Budget Authority of a Project-Based Section 8 Housing Assistance Payments Contract under Section 8(bb)(1) of the United States Housing Act of 1937
  • 15-02 – Required Actions for Multifamily Housing Projects Receiving Failing Scores from HUD’s Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC)
  • 15-01 – Notice of Program Eligibility for HUD Assisted and Insured Housing Programs for All People Regardless of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity or Marital Status as Required by HUD’s Equal Access Rule

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