Revitalization & HOPE VI Services

Quadel worked with a number of PHAs to address redevelopment needs in response to changing market demands and agency priorities. We are skilled in leading comprehensive strategic planning processes including the planning and implementation of HOPE VI and other revitalization initiatives to help agencies analyze and reposition their portfolios.

Strategic Planning and Asset Repositioning Services

Quadel has worked with a number of PHAs to develop and/or refine their strategic vision and redevelopment goals. Examples of this experience include:

Housing Authority of Savannah (HAS)-- Currently, assessing the status of HAS' real estate assets and developing a long range preservation and development plan to ensure a viable and sustainable portfolio
Little Rock (AR) Housing Authority (LRHA)-- Assisted LRHA to assess its housing stock and future viability
-- Advised the authority on building capacity and repositioning itself as the community's leading affordable housing provider
-- Assisted LRHA to seek Capital Fund Recovery and Neighborhood Stabilization Funding
-- Provided ARRA monitoring support
Fayetteville (AR) Housing Authority (FHA)-- Assisted the FHA to shift to a new role in response to changing market conditions and to support a major downtown planning and revitalization effort
-- Worked with the Fayetteville Housing Authority to develop a capacity building plan so that the agency could successfully move into its new role, while addressing the needs of its own housing stock

HOPE VI Experience

Quadel has assisted PHAs to implement and manage HOPE VI programs throughout the country. Quadel uses a variety of contract vehicles to assist our clients, including Indefinite Quantity Contracts (IQCs) with HUD, task order contracts with PHAs and subcontract with other technical assistance providers. Select examples of this experience include:

ServicesWork PerformedClients
HOPE VI Expeditor-- Currently providing expeditor services to various troubled HOPE VI sites (Subcontractor to BCT Partners)
-- Assigned and coordinated the activities of subcontractors for troubled HOPE VI sites around the country under an IQC with HUD
-- Monitored the quality of services provided and contract budgets
-- Served on the HUD-established Management Panel providing program guidance to all HOPE VI sites nationwide
-- Provided initial start-up technical assistance to three FY 1998 HOPE VI grantees under contract to HUD
Miami-Dade (FL), Fresno (CA), New Orleans (LA), and El Paso (TX), St. Louis (MO), New Orleans (LA), San Francisco (CA), Chicago and Peoria (IL), Jacksonville (FL), Memphis (TN), and Camden (NJ) housing agencies, Baltimore (MD), Dallas (TX), and Alexandria (VA) housing agencies
HOPE VI Program Administration-- Served as Alternate Administrator for HOPE VI revitalization project under contract to HUD
-- Submitted a Default Resolution Plan accepted by HUD
-- Assumed full responsibility for oversight and management of all aspects of the $45 million HOPE VI portion of the total $70 million revitalization project
New Haven (CT) Housing Authority
HOPE VI Grant Preparation-- Prepared nine successful HOPE VI grant applications, including five for revitalization grants
-- Services included: data collection and analysis; resident and community outreach; researching innovative funding methods; grant application writing; and timely submission to HUD
Americus (GA), Marietta (GA), Chester (PA), San Antonio (TX), Newnan (GA), Lexington-Fayette (KY), Gary (IN, Decatur (IL)
HOPE VI Revitalization Advisory Services-- Provided technical assistance in all facets of a HOPE VI Revitalization project
-- Services included: rental term sheet preparation; development of mixed finance proposals and homeownership plans; evidentiary reviews; disposition applications; quarterly reporting; preparation of required submissions and facilitating HUD approvals
-- Provided technical assistance in all facets of a HOPE VI Revitalization project under an agency contract
-- Services included: financial advisor selection; quarterly reporting; budget and implementation planning; facilitation of HUD approvals; Homeownership Plan development
Lexington-Fayette (KY) Urban County Housing Authority, San Antonio (TX) Housing Authority
HOPE VI Training-- Provided training on the HOPE VI program and mixed-finance affordable housing developmentCleveland and Memphis HUD Troubled Agency Recovery Center staff


  • Strategic Planning and Asset Repositioning
  • HOPE VI Program Implementation
  • HOPE VI Grant Funding Applications
  • Demolition/Disposition Applications