RAD Solutions

Quadel, Public Housing Authorities and Multi‐family property owners, agents and developers of HUD’s Moderate Rehab, Rent Supplement and Rental Assistance Payment projects understand that RAD is a key component to furthering HUD’s mission of maximizing and sustaining the nation’s supply of declining public and private affordable housing stock. Quadel provides consulting, training and direct management services that maximize the benefit and minimize the risk of your organization’s RAD
conversion project.

Our clients include investors, syndicators, owners, developers, management companies, state housing finance agencies, public housing agencies, and non‐profit organizations. Quadel’s expertise will help
your organization navigate the complex requirements associated with RAD conversion.

Quadel Rental Assistance Demonstration Consulting Solutions

  • RAD Application Assistance
  • RAD Overview, PBRA and PBV Training and Certification
  • RAD Conversion Planning and Project Management Services
  • RAD Physical Condition Assessment (RPCA) Reviews and Assistance
  • Uniform Relocation Assistance (URA) Plans and Services
  • Initial or Existing Tenant File Certification Audits, on or off‐site
  • Occupancy and Admission Selection Plans
  • Applicant/Resident Certification Procedures and Forms
  • Development of Compliance Forms, Manuals, Policies and Procedures

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