USDA Rural Development


For ten years, Quadel supported the U.S. Department of Agriculture in design and administration of its Rural Development (RD) Housing Voucher demonstration program as a subcontractor to ICF International.

The intent of the Rural Development Voucher program (RDVP) is to offer protection to eligible families who may be subject to economic hardship through prepayment of the Rural Development mortgage. Similar to HUD’s Housing Choice Voucher program, the RD Voucher program provides an annual rental subsidy to supplement the tenant’s rent payment.

RD Voucher holders may use their voucher at any rental unit in the United States and its territories, as long as the unit meets the program’s requirements. As of November 2016, the program served approximately 4,100 households nationwide. More than 20,000 households have been offered vouchers at over 1,300 properties nationwide since program inception.

Quadel’s role included assisting RD with program administration services such as –

  • offering and providing RD Vouchers to eligible tenants;
  • coordinating functions with the RD State Offices;
  • preparing Housing Assistance Payment contracts for execution;
  • reviewing payments to owners; and
  • assisting RD in communication with owners, tenants, and program staff.

Prior to beginning program operations in 2007, Quadel helped design RD Voucher Program policies and procedures, including developing strategies to address the program’s geographical obstacles while controlling costs. In addition, Quadel developed a workflow processing tool to help manage and monitor the voucher process. Quadel also assisted in developing and delivering training for USDA staff on the new procedures.

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