Corporate Citizenship

Commitment to Our Communities

Quadel Consulting is committed to the communities we serve. We view our role as a partner with each and every client in every engagement. We embrace the goals of the affordable housing community, understand the challenges of resource constraints. Quadel is equally committed to delivering quality, value, accountability, fiscal stewardship and integrity in every aspect of our operations and interactions with your organization and stakeholders.

To serve the communities where Quadel Consulting operates and where its employees live, Quadel has adopted an employee-centric approach to its corporate citizenship activities. Quadel aligns its resources – financial, in-kind and pro-bono — with the charitable giving and volunteering interests of its officers and staff. Employees are encouraged to get involved in the community and are supported by Quadel’s Human Resources and Communications Departments to maintain their involvement.


Leadership by example is a key aspect of the community service programs and Quadel executives are visibly committed to good corporate citizenship. Officers and staff of the company are actively engaged in the boards of non-profit organizations that are part of the affordable housing community, or in their own neighborhoods.

Where Quadel Puts Its Resources

Quadel support to nonprofit organizations activities covers these primary areas:

  • Employee Volunteerism
  • Internship and Education Partnerships

All requests for support are initiated by the firm’s officers and employees. Quadel does not accept unsolicited grant proposals from outside organizations.