The Quadel Value

Quadel Consulting is a leading national expert in the public housing, housing choice voucher, HUD-subsidized multifamily, and tax credit programs. Quadel blends private-sector productivity, quality, and management principles with public and non-profit social welfare goals. Since 1975, Quadel has provided program management, consulting, and training services to the affordable housing industry. Our clients and partners value our real-world practicality, hardworking thoroughness, and thoughtfully tailored solutions.

Depth of Experience

Quadel’s history of providing top-notch management services, training, and technical assistance to the affordable housing industry is unmatched by most competitors. All members of Quadel’s senior management team have 20-30 years of affordable housing experience. The respect they command in the industry and their long tenure at Quadel make them immensely valuable to clients. Our extensive technical knowledge, covering multiple housing programs, and broad client base has earned Quadel the reputation for being a leading national affordable housing expert.

Practical, Private-Sector Approach

Quadel brings a private sector regard for efficiency and accountability to the complex challenge of making public and assisted housing work. Equally important, we also bring a practitioner’s view to the work we do. All of Quadel’s senior management staff has served as housing managers at the local level. Our goal is to be a true partner — not just an outside advisor — in addressing your program management challenges.

Focus on Program Management Excellence in Housing

Unlike many of our competitors that include housing management among a menu of other services, Quadel’s highest priority is program management excellence in affordable housing. Our staff is among the first to learn about the latest changes to HUD rules, and we understand the implications of these changes on housing management. We constantly search for and apply successful housing management practices in the work that we do.

Program Management

Quadel has a unique and successful history of partnering with housing organizations to manage all or discreet aspects of their housing operations. We have an unmatched capacity to turn around troubled housing operations and direct new housing initiatives. Quadel does not advocate for privatization but recognizes that this approach can be effective under the right conditions.

Commitment to Training and Quality

We know from experience that effective housing management starts with a capable and knowledgeable staff. Quadel offers a series of practical training programs, developed with our own resources, in housing rules and regulations. We have trained over 60,000 housing professionals around the country. The affordable housing industry recognizes Quadel as the premier source for keeping front-line staff up to date on housing rules and best practices.

Firm Belief in Public Support for Housing

It is our fundamental belief that government and communities have an important role to play in solving the housing needs of low-income families and special populations. Our mission is to join dedicated public and non-profit organizations in making housing programs achieve their full potential.