Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodations

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This two-day Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodations course is intended to introduce and/or familiarize you with fair housing laws and prepare you to assist individuals and families who may encounter discrimination in their search for housing or as a tenant. The course materials will identify the classes of individuals that are protected by fair housing laws and regulations, and prepare you to explain basic fair housing requirements to applicants, participants and landlords. By the end of the training you should be able to identify how fair housing requirements apply to your job responsibilities and you should feel confident to assist applicants and participants who report they have been treated in a discriminatory manner. You will also be familiar with the resources available to assist you and your clients with fair housing issues.

Discrimination is making a decision in favor of or against a person on the basis of the group, class, or category to which the person belongs rather than according to the individual merits of the situation. In federal law the groups, classes or categories are known as “Protected Classes.”

Federal law also requires that “reasonable accommodations” be made to enable persons with disabilities to access and use housing assistance. A reasonable accommodation is a change in rules, policies or practices that make it possible for a disabled person to live in their housing.

The course is one full day of training and exercises.  There is an optional certification exam that requires an additional half day for review and test taking.

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