Housing Choice Voucher Hearings and Public Housing Grievances

Course Type

Course Description

Quadel’s Housing Choice Voucher Informal Hearing and Public Housing Grievance Course is geared to staff conducting informal reviews, Informal Hearing Officers, Grievance Committee Members, and PHA staff presenting the hearing/grievance documentation at the hearing or grievance.
The Course includes the following information:

  • HCV and PH Program HUD rules and regulations
  • Section 504 and Fair Housing
  • PHA’s program violations policies and procedures
  • Steps in the review, hearing and grievance processes
  • Organizing and conducting the hearing and grievance
  • Disabilities and reasonable accommodations
  • Required documentation
  • Case studies and practice hearings/grievances

Quadel’s approach for this course combines use of classroom lecture, PowerPoint presentations, and hands-on case sample exercises to allow the staff to: practice conducting hearings and grievances, understand how the HUD regulations and PHA policies affect the decision, practice making the decision determination, and writing decisions.

Participants will receive Quadel’s HCV Informal Hearing and PH Grievance course book. The course book is a comprehensive and useful reference manual for Hearing Officers, Grievance Committee members and PHA staff conducting reviews and presenting at hearings long after the training workshop has ended. The course book covers the material discussed in the Informal Hearing and Grievances course.

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