Project-Based Program Training

Course Type

Course Description

Quadel’s Project Based Voucher training is a comprehensive course for staff and supervisors implementing and administering project-based voucher programs. Quadel’s approach combines use of classroom lecture, PowerPoint presentations, case studies, course book instruction, and group exercises to further the student’s understanding of the material. The course includes:

  • Update on current PBV regulations
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Contract requirements
  • Solicitation and plan processes
  • Site and Owner selections
  • Required reviews
  • Initial eligibility actions
  • Initial rents and rent adjustments
  • Section 3 requirements
  • Special program eligibility
  • Case management
  • Day to day operations
  • Implementing RAD and a PBV program
  • Agency Plans and the Administrative Plan
  • Terminations

Participants will receive Quadel’s Project Based Voucher Program course book which serves as a useful reference and tool long after the PBV training.

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