Quadel is the visionary leader in providing program management, consulting and training solutions to the affordable housing industry.


We firmly believe that government and communities have an important role in solving the housing needs of low-income families and special populations. Our mission is to join dedicated public and non- profit organizations in making housing programs achieve their full potential because everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to call home.


Since 1975, our clients have valued our real-world practicality and tailored solutions.

Our business philosophy is simple: your mission to deliver quality affordable housing is our mission.

We know the affordable housing industry is an ever-changing environment and requires continual best practice implementation and quality operation. Therefore, our company strives to provide the best in technical assistance, operation and technological support, dynamic trainings and professional certifications. Our “on the ground,” engaged approach allows us to align our services with every client need.

Quadel brings a true practitioner’s view to the work we do. All of Quadel’s senior management staff has served as housing managers at the local level. Our goal is to be a true partner — not just an outside advisor. Learn more about our team here.


While we could explain why we’re the best partner in the affordable housing industry, from direct management engagements to consulting and training, we think our clients say it best.

“We have found the Quadel team to be highly responsive, organized and knowledgeable. I am pleased to report that Quadel has met or exceeded the deliverables expected by the City of Phoenix Housing Department. I am confident in their commitment to continuing to achieve great things for our program participants and owners.”

-Titus Mathew, City of Phoenix Housing Department Deputy Housing Director

“The housing agencies fortunate enough to work with Quadel know that its genuine employees are what truly make Quadel different from other companies in the industry. Quadel’s employees are passionate about improving the lives of the residents they serve.”

-Eugene Jones, Jr., CEO of the Atlanta Housing Authority/Former CEO of the Chicago Housing Authority

“Not only has it been a pleasure to work with Quadel, it has also provided us with great confidence our HCV program was in good hands for this past year. I…look forward to working with them again in the future.” 

-Anne Branche, Chief Administrative Officer, Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation. The members and visitors could not stop talking about how thorough you were and that they learned so much good information regarding the HCVP. We really appreciate you taking the time and effort to come and enlighten us. Because of you, I believe you are going to get greater landlord participation.”

-Delois Brown, MIG Board Member

“Thank you for letting your light shine that many see your good work. You touch my life with passion for people and not for power.”

-Dana W., HCV Participant

“Our trainer was great. I am confident that the knowledge they passed on to my team will be an asset going forward.”

-S.W., Lafayette Housing Authority

“There was a lot of information to be covered in those three days, but the instructor was amazing at explaining each topic that was covered. Overall, I think that it was flawless.”

-Lavonne S., Training Participant