Quadel provides industry-leading curricula that improves the productivity and effectiveness of your staff.  If one of our scheduled trainings does not fit your needs, we invite you to request a training proposal for your organization that can exactly fit your specific requirements. If you need a trainer to come to your location and train your staff, then Tailored Training is for you, but if you have access to additional space, then Hosted Training may be an even more affordable option for your staff and organizations in your area.

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Tailored Training

Sending your staff to a Scheduled Training is often not financially feasible for most organizations.  If you have a larger group to be trained or need a unique course or material, then Tailored Training is one of the best options to affordably train your staff.  Quadel will send one of our highly qualified trainers to your location, and we will work with you to make sure that our outstanding course materials meet the specific needs of your organizations. Our Tailored Training proposals cover all trainer time, travel and material costs.

Interested in Tailored Training?  Request a Training Proposal or contact us at

Hosted Training

If your organization has space to hold at least 15 people, then you may be a prime candidate for Quadel’s Hosted Training program.  A Hosted Training is a very affordable option for any organization that has the space and may have a smaller number of people needing to be trained, and it comes with the added benefit of providing much needed training for other organizations in your area.  If you are able to provide the space, a/v equipment, and assistance with marketing the course, Quadel is able to provide the trainer and materials often at a cost much lower than we are able to offer at a Scheduled or Tailored Training, and as an incentive, we can offer complimentary registrations for the host organization when certain registration milestones are reached.

Interested in Hosted Training?  Request a Training Proposal or contact us at