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COVID-19 & Training – 5/18/2021 Update: As infection rates drop and vaccination levels rise, Quadel is still taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously.  If your organization is interested in providing in-person training to your staff or hosting a training open to the public, we will work with you to provide in-person training as we did pre-pandemic. The safety of our staff and all participants is of our utmost concern, and for in-person training to occur, all current CDC guidelines must be followed.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nicholas Murphy at

Choose which training options meets your needs:
– Online Tailored Training – Train your staff in a more flexible environment to fit their needs. Typically, this means shorter daily sessions, which allows for staff to complete regular work obligations.
– In-Person Tailored Training – Bring a trainer to your staff for eight-hour training days for the length of the course.
– In-Person Hosted Training – Have access to a space that can hold at minimum 15 people? Then a Hosted Training might be the most cost effective solution for you and your staff.

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