Quadel has provided consulting services to Public Housing Agencies since 1974. Our team has a strong history of working with agencies to streamline programs, maximize their funding and maintain or improve performance. We provide consulting and technical assistance services in every affordable housing program, including Public Housing, HCV, Multifamily, LIHTC, RAD, and Disaster Recovery.

Public Housing, HCV and Multifamily Programs

PHAs call on Quadel for advice on program design, implementation and compliance. In our consulting engagements, we frequently provide:

  • Organizational and operational assessments
  • Strategic plans
  • Asset/portfolio repositioning and project planning
  • Policy and procedure recommendation/creation
  • Staffing/organizational recommendations
  • Compliance audits and file reviews

We work with each PHA, no matter its level of performance, to determine mission and goals. With this information in mind, we develop a tailored approach to each project or scope of work.

Interested in how our team can help your PHA? Email one of our executive team members or contact Hannah Troyer, Proposal Associate. We are ready when you are.

Low-Income Housing Tax Credits

Quadel has provided LIHTC training and compliance services for 16 years. Our compliance clients include LIHTC allocating agencies, syndicators, owners and managers and public housing agencies.  In 2018 alone, we reviewed over 11,000 tenant certifications.

In our consulting engagements, we provide:

  • Tenant certification assessments and reviews
  • File processing
  • Policy and procedure creation/implementation
  • LIHTC training

Interested in how our team can help your LIHTC program? Contact Jim Evans today! We are ready when you are.

Rental Assistance Demonstration

RAD is a transformative tool that gives PHAs a powerful tool to preserve and improve public housing properties and address the nationwide backlog of deferred maintenance. Quadel knows how to navigate the RAD process and help our customers successfully reposition the affordable housing units in their communities. While RAD works very well for many PHAs, it is not a one size fits all program. Accurately determining whether “RAD is right for you” requires careful consideration of a variety of factors. Recognized for its understanding of the complexities of the RAD program, HUD selected Quadel’s team to assist more than 30 small agencies to determine whether RAD, or one of HUD’s other reposition programs were viable options to redevelop the aging affordable housing inventory in more than a dozen states.

Quadel’s team of RAD experts can help your PHA:

  • Determine if RAD is right for you through a feasibility analysis
  • Submit a RAD application
  • Complete a smooth conversion process
  • Rewrite and implement RAD-specific policies and procedures

Interested in how our team can help with your RAD needs? Contact Jim Evans today! We are ready when you are.

Disaster Recovery

For the past 11 years, Quadel has operated in the disaster recovery space as Quadel Housing and Recovery Services, LLC. Our business model revolves around providing program design expertise while recruiting and training local and displaced residents.

During this time, Quadel has:

  • Contributed in the design, implementation, and operation of Homeowner and Rental Recovery Programs for Katrina, Rita, Gustave, Ike, and Superstorm Sandy
  • Provided technical assistance
  • Trained staff and officials on programs, policies and procedures
  • Developed policies and procedures for Louisiana homeowner, small rental program and New Jersey’s homeowner program
  • Provided policy SME for Uniform Relocation Assistance in Louisiana

When hurricanes, fires or earthquakes strike, Quadel’s team is ready to assist communities get back on their feet and bring their residents home again. For more information about collaborating with Quadel on disaster recovery services, contact Jim Evans, Director.