Quadel Director, Jim Evans, works with outsourced management clients to reach operational and performance goals.

Outsourcing the management of housing programs can be a smart strategic move for PHAs.

Outsourced management occurs when an agency hires a third-party vendor to provide all, or aspects, of the housing program services. Quadel Director, Jim Evans, has managed outsourced programs across the country. He works with organizations to determine agency needs and if full or hybrid management is most appropriate. He discusses why outsourced management can benefit agencies, how Quadel approaches outsourced management, and why he enjoys working with these clients.

What are common reasons an agency might look at outsourcing parts or all program aspects?

“Some agencies look to outsourcing as a way to cut or have more predictable costs. Over the years, personnel costs, insurance, retirement and other benefit costs have increased. The obligations of a PHA may be more than it can afford. Other reasons a PHA may choose either form of outsourcing is to improve program performance or to address workforce/staffing challenges in its community.”

How can an agency determine which type of outsourced management is right for them?

“It is important to remember that there is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to outsourcing. Each community is unique and the needs and challenges that must be met are also unique. The ultimate solution needs to solve or help solve the problem at hand.”

 Why might an agency be hesitant to outsource its programs?

“With proper planning and reasonable expectations, there is no reason for an agency to be hesitant to outsource. The decision to outsource needs to be made with an understanding that the agency still retains full responsibility for the success and outcomes of its program. Its outsourcing partner needs to be committed to administering the program to the standards and expectations of the agency. As long as those expectations are well defined, there should be no reason to be hesitant to consider outsourcing.”

How does Quadel partner with its outsourced management clients?

“Regular communication and coordination between the agency and contractor is the key to a successful partnership. As a manager of an outsourced program, it is most important to make sure we are administering the program in the manner the agency wants. We must skillfully comply with each agency’s mission of housing as many qualified low-income members of the community the program can support.”

As a manager of outsourced programs, what is something you enjoy about working with these clients?

“The reason most of us at Quadel came into this field of work, and continue to do this work, is our unwavering commitment to the families affordable housing programs serve. The regulatory requirements are oftentimes burdensome. The lack of adequate funding is always a challenge. But, any of the challenges are quickly overlooked when you stand back and see families living and thriving in the homes and communities where we serve.”

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