April Jackson, Quadel Associate, enjoys helping families find housing and become self-sufficient.

Much like the population it serves, the affordable housing industry is full of diverse housing providers.

In an effort to highlight our employees and their unique affordable housing journeys, Quadel features staff members in our series entitled Passionate People. Our next staff feature is April Jackson, an Associate with Quadel for the past five years. Currently, she provides guidance and technical assistance to a housing authority for a resident relocation effort. Learn about Jackson’s journey into affordable housing and what drives her to be a passionate professional below. 

How did you get into the affordable housing industry?

“My first experience was residing in cooperative housing and thereafter. I entered into the industry because I wanted to help families and those experiencing homelessness obtain the same opportunities that were afforded to me.”

What do you like most about working in the affordable housing industry? 

“I love meeting and working with families. I love being able to help them locate and maintain safe, affordable housing. I also want to make sure they are properly educated on other housing opportunities such as homeownership.”  

What continues to surprise you about the industry?

“The changing design and accommodations of the housing market and how to navigate them always surprise me.”

Why is affordable housing important, and what is your goal as a professional housing provider?

“The housing choice voucher program allows participating families to become self-sufficient. My goal is to continue to ensure I am meeting program standards and providing the best services I can. I want to help families meet their housing needs and goals.”