Much like the population it serves, the affordable housing industry is full of diverse housing providers.

In an effort to highlight our employees and their unique affordable housing journeys, Quadel features staff members in our blog series entitled Passionate People. Ms. Darci McWilliams has worked as a Special Claims Analyst for Indiana Quadel since 2018. McWilliams is part of an office that works with the Indianapolis Housing and Community Development Agency (IHCDA) and administers its Project-Based Contract Administration program (PBCA).

Learn about McWilliams’s journey into affordable housing and what drives her to be a passionate professional below.

How did you get into the affordable housing industry?

I learned about Indiana Quadel through several friends who work with the company. This eventually led me to be an employee referral.  As a Special Claims Analyst, I work with properties within our portfolio by processing their special claims and reviewing all submissions to ensure they fulfill all HUD requirements,” McWilliams said. “Owners file special claims to be reimbursed in instances of financial loss through the affordable housing process.” 

What do you like most about working in the affordable housing industry?  

“The affordable housing industry is always evolving and can be very complex. The aspect of special claims that I think is very important is owner accountability. It ensures owners remain compliant while assisting them in offsetting financial loss,” McWilliams said. “Doing so allows these dedicated owners to continue providing safe, decent, and affordable housing. I love that working with properties puts me in direct contact with so many communities throughout Indiana.”

What continues to surprise you about affordable housing?

“What surprises me the most is that the industry is always evolving, and no two properties are identical. It’s never a ‘one-solution-fits-all’ for every property. I’ve always known that it’s important for everyone to have access to affordable and safe housing. However, I never realized how much having that housing can directly impact economic growth for a community,” McWilliams said. “I don’t think many are aware of the impact the affordable housing shortage has on the economy.”

Why is affordable housing important, and why should people care about the services Quadel provides?  

“Affordable housing is important because affordable safe housing is a human right. It’s a basic need, and when people have access to affordable safe housing, local communities flourish,” McWilliams said. “Affordable housing creates more job opportunities, a healthier population, decreases childhood poverty, and ultimately provides an opportunity to help build up the economy and communities.”