Quadel Associate Matt Gronaw specializes in performing quality assurance for clients.

Over the past 40 years of service to the affordable and assisted housing industry, Quadel has developed review processes, tools and reporting mechanisms to monitor program performance. We understand a compliant, efficient affordable housing program relies on effective and regular quality assurance measures.

Quadel Associate, Matt Gronaw, is one of Quadel’s compliance experts. He spends his days conducting comprehensive file reviews and recommending procedures to improve the quality assurance of client programs. Gronaw has performed quality control for almost 15 years. He discusses the importance of regular quality assurance and how PHAs can improve their quality control methods below.

Conduct Regular File Reviews and Staff Trainings

According to Gronaw, PHA staff members should review files on a regular basis to prepare for any external audits. Most importantly, the practice helps protect program integrity, measure staff performance, and ensure proper HAP distribution.

“Regular file reviews are a great way to boost employee performance and make staff understand that each time they touch a file they are responsible for the overall health of that file. There are many ways that PHAs can ensure staff members are following the guidelines and regulations. Regular trainings can be conducted within larger staff meetings,” Gronaw said. “For example, an HCV department may hold weekly meetings. During this time, an experienced or senior staff member could provide training for specific topics. These should be shorter, targeted trainings.”

Utilize Technology to Track Program Compliance

Quadel understands the quality control process can be tedious and requires time and effort from all staff members. Oftentimes, clients will request Quadel conduct a third-party review of files and recommend ways to improve quality control measures. Gronaw conducts quality control assessments and utilizes Quadel’s proprietary quality control performance tool, Qualcheck®, to ensure Quadel’s clients are performing at the highest level of compliance and efficiency.

“Quality control assessments are conducted in a seamless manner with our clients. File reviews are completed in Qualcheck®, and reports are generated from Qualcheck® and provided to the client. Depending on the type of audit, we look at different aspects of the file, especially anything that affects TTP. I also look at whether or not the staff member clearly showed how they obtained his or her calculations,” Gronaw said. “Quadel provides reports for each client. We also offer our clients an opportunity to review and discuss any findings. Qualcheck® reports provide loads of detail. Auditors can even write messages explaining each error.”

Implement and Follow Checklists

Gronaw notes that while quality assurance can be complex with many moving parts, robust quality control measures can be simple and easy to implement.

“One of the easiest ways I have discovered for PHAs to have strong file compliance is with a simple checklist. Having a simple, one-page checklist that highlights the most important documents and/or steps for PHA staff to refer to when building a file and processing various actions can be a very useful tool,” Gronaw said. “In addition, make sure staff members know exactly what is being reviewed. This allows staff to feel ownership in the process and not have to be concerned that different reviewers will find different errors. When the whole team understands what is expected, they tend to work more efficiently and make fewer errors.”

To request quality assurance services or to learn more about Quadel’s tool, Qualcheck®, contact Hannah Troyer, Proposal Associate.