Simplify Your LIHTC Compliance and Maximize Your Investment with Quadel

Quadel has a proven track record of excellence, with decades of dedication to providing top-tier LIHTC training and compliance services. Our expertise is trusted by a diverse range of clients, including LIHTC allocating agencies, syndicators, owners, managers, and public housing agencies. When it comes to navigating the complexities of LIHTC, Quadel is your trusted partner.


Tenant Certification Assessments and Reviews

We identify potential compliance issues before they become problems, ensuring tenant eligibility and safeguarding your investment.

File Processing

We manage and organize all necessary documentation, ensuring accuracy and security, so you can focus on more strategic aspects of your project.

Policy and Procedure Creation/Implementation

Our expertise not only ensures compliance but also enhances operational efficiency, making it easier for your team to operate effectively.

LIHTC Training 

We provide the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the LIHTC landscape confidently, empowering your staff to manage and optimize your tax credit investments effectively.


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