Training Manager, Nick Murphy, ensures Quadel’s training courses are accurate and attendee-friendly.

With housing agencies dealing with a whirlwind of HUD notices and ever-changing circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, industry trainings are more important than ever. Training thousands of industry professionals each year gives Quadel a unique perspective on industry regulations and the educational needs of housing authority employees.

Quadel’s Training Manager, Nick Murphy, discusses Quadel’s training courses and the importance of training for all agency employees – from the newest hire to executive leadership. Additional funds allocated to PHAs this year allowed for needed training and helped agencies navigate regulations and new notices.

“While the main portions of most affordable housing programs have stayed the same over the years, there are constantly changes being made to them. Some are small and some are large, and it can be hard to stay on top of everything,” Murphy said. “Our trainers and materials stay up-to-date on all the latest changes to the programs, and our expert trainers use their decades of experience to explain even the most complex part of a program in a way that will help each attendee in their daily tasks.”

Murphy noted the vast majority of courses, both for open registration courses and individual agency trainings, continue to be remote because of the pandemic. Conducting remote training sessions, especially for Quadel’s two most popular courses – HCV Specialist and LIHTC+ Blended Compliance – has not hindered trainer abilities to tailor courses or address specific questions of attendees.

“Our trainers are professionals with decades in the business so they are well equipped to answer questions for unique situations attendees may have. For our direct clients, we work with them closely to make sure that the course is covering any specific material that they need,” Murphy said. “For instance, this past year we did three sessions for a client in New York. Beyond the general information we provide in our LIHTC + Blended Compliance course, we also incorporated information about the unique rules that apply for developments in New York.”

With 2021 coming to a close, Murphy recommends housing agencies look forward to staff trainings in 2022. The Training Department is already hard at work scheduling online courses for the first quarter of 2022. Scheduled courses for the months of January-March include:

  • LIHTC+ Blended Compliance
  • Assisted Multifamily Housing Manager
  • HCV and Specialty Courses, including Fair Housing, HQS and Rent Calculations, Portability, and Wait List Management

Early Bird pricing is in effect for January and February courses until December 31, 2021. Early bird pricing gives attendees a discount of up to $50 off registration costs. Quadel offers its other courses as requested, including the specialty courses: Executive Leadership, Strategic Planning, and Diversity and Inclusion.

“The bottom line is that professional development provides the tools for success to fairly administer affordable housing programs to everyone,” Murphy said. “No matter how similar the goal is for all the various affordable housing programs out there, each one handles program compliance differently. And, those compliance rules are very complex.”

For a complete look at Quadel’s upcoming training courses, visit here.