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Part 1: Meet Galiano Tiramani, the Founder of Boxabl and this week’s ChangeMaker. He is transforming the way homes are built and made affordable with a cutting-edge, technology-driven solution that can mass-produce houses through advanced manufacturing. His company has caught the attention of Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, who is one of his satisfied customers. Boxabl’s homes are modular, and customizable, and can be delivered and set up anywhere in the world in a few hours. Galiano is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been involved in various ventures, from solar energy to electric vehicles, but his main goal is to create accessible and sustainable housing for everyone. He will share with us why the construction industry needs a makeover and how Boxabl will lead the way. Join us as we explore Galiano’s journey, his vision, and his challenges in building the future of housing.

Part 2: Katie wraps up her talk with Galiano Tiramani, the Founder of Boxabl, the company that is revolutionizing the housing industry with its innovative, technology-based solution. In this episode, Galiano talks about why fees and regulations are adding to the affordable housing crisis and how Boxabl is overcoming these barriers. He also shares some of the feedback he has received from his customers, both before and after they move into their Boxabl homes. You’ll hear how Boxabl is changing lives and creating a positive impact on the environment and society. Don’t miss this inspiring episode of ChangeMakers with Galiano Tiramani, the man who is building the future of housing.