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Part 1: Be the change. Listen to this week’s inspiring conversation with Oscar Arana, interim CEO of the Native American Youth and Family Center, as he shares his vision for empowering and uplifting Native communities in Portland. Oscar has dedicated over 10 years to NAYA’s mission of nurturing the lives of Native youth and families. As Community Development Director, he spearheaded efforts to provide affordable Native housing. Now as interim CEO, Oscar is drawing on his depth of experience in fundraising, communication, and strategic planning to lead positive organizational change. Join Katie Goar and this brave ChangeMaker working on the front lines to strengthen cultural identity, promote healing through traditional values, and unlock the potential of Native youth. Discover how you too can be part of transformative social change.

Part 2: The inspiring dialogue continues as Oscar dives into NAYA’s critical work helping the large homeless population in Portland and surrounding areas. He shares the unique challenges and barriers that Native communities face when experiencing homelessness. Learn how NAYA provides culturally-specific programs and wraparound services to support those in need of shelter, food, and care. Oscar also candidly discusses the systemic and institutional barriers that continue to oppress Native Americans today. Yet Oscar remains hopeful as he highlights the resilience, strength, and leadership emerging in Native youth and grassroots organizations. Stay tuned for an urgently important conversation focused on positive change. Discover how small acts of compassion and advocating for equality can uplift Native voices and help create a more just society for all.