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Part 1: This week’s ChangeMaker is Scott Short, CEO of RiseBoro Community Partnership. As a visionary leader, Scott leads the charge to break down barriers and bridge divides, working tirelessly to ensure that one’s zip code does not determine their access to healthcare, economic mobility, or housing security. Under Scott’s leadership, RiseBoro has made instrumental strides, stewarding over $300 million to develop more than 2,500 units of affordable housing, with 5,000 more units in the pipeline. Scott brings decades of on-the-ground expertise to champion holistic, neighborhood-based solutions to some of New York City’s most pressing needs. RiseBoro has doubled its budget under Scott’s leadership to expand critical community programming. Scott Short is the embodiment of a true ChangeMaker, using his position and influence to create positive change in underserved communities and ensure that every member of society has access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

Part 2: In part two, Scott shares some advice for incorporating new developments within existing communities in a harmonious way. He discusses the importance of community engagement, transparent communication, and holistic planning when introducing new housing and amenities. Scott also shares more about RiseBoro’s innovative conversion of an empty hotel into affordable apartments for low-income and formerly homeless New Yorkers. This first-of-its-kind collaborative project posed some major logistical challenges. Scott describes some of the issues they faced in repurposing the hotel, such as retrofitting the layout and infrastructure for residential living.