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Part 1: On this week’s episode of ChangeMakers, Katie sits down with Tanya Dempsey and Nicole Graham, the co-CEOs of CSG Advisors. With over 30 years of combined experience in affordable housing finance and development, Tanya and Nicole have helped create innovative solutions for affordable housing nationwide. In their conversation, Tanya and Nicole share their passion for increasing access to affordable housing and how they are fostering the growth of CSG Advisors in alignment with that passion. Tanya and Nicole also open up about the challenges they’ve faced as women leaders in a male-dominated industry and what motivates them to keep advocating for vulnerable communities lacking access to safe, affordable housing. With insight and wit, they offer advice to other aspiring changemakers looking to make a difference. Join us for an inspiring dose of passion, purpose, and perseverance from two powerhouse leaders improving lives through affordable housing. Tanya and Nicole exemplify the grit, vision, and heart needed to drive meaningful progress on society’s most pressing issues. You won’t want to miss this lively discussion!

Part 2: After learning about Tanya and Nicole’s powerful personal journeys, Katie shifts the discussion to their groundbreaking work at CSG Advisors. Nicole explains the driving mission behind CSG – creating systemic change in affordable housing by guiding and empowering communities. Tanya highlights their concrete impact so far, with over 100 closed projects and 30,000 families housed in affordable homes nationwide. Throughout the conversation, their passion radiates as they discuss the meaningful work of increasing access to safe, inclusive housing. It’s clear Nicole and Tanya’s commitment to their mission runs deep, driving them to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable families and communities across the country.