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In an effort to help our partners with disseminating the large amount of data the Federal Government regularly releases, we have developed HUD Info @ Quadel to curate and aggregate HUD Notices, NOFAs, and other important releases from HUD and other pertinent government agencies.  Since we want to create a space that is organic and usable for you, if there is specific information you would like this page to contain, please contact the webmaster.

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Effective: 04/14/2017

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The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets income limits that determine eligibility for assisted housing programs including the Public Housing, Section 8 project-based, Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, Section 202 housing for the elderly, and Section 811 housing for persons with disabilities programs. HUD develops income limits based on Median Family Income estimates and Fair Market Rent area definitions for each metropolitan area, parts of some metropolitan areas, and each non-metropolitan county.

This system provides complete documentation of the development of the FY 2017 Income Limits (ILs) for any area of the country selected by the user. Official ILs, available in pdf and excel formats at this link, may differ slightly from those calculated in the documentation system, and should be used for ALL official purposes.

Click Here for FY 2017 IL Documentation
Posted: 2/14/2017
Taken from HUD's RADBlast Email:

On January 19, 2017, HUD announced the publication of Revision 3 of the RAD Notice in the Federal Register, which makes effective the provisions in RAD Notice (PIH 2012-32 / H 2017-03 Rev 3), with the exception of three provisions related to selection and eligibility criteria. As a reminder, we have also posted a blackline version showing the changes made in Revision 3 as compared to Revision 2. We will be hosting two trainings on the RAD Notice revision changes. Please see additional detail and how to register below:

  1. RAD Notice Revision 3 Training: Public Housing Conversion
    Date: Tuesday, February 21 3:00-4:30
    Register Here:
  2. RAD Notice Revision 3 Training: Mod Rehab, Mod Rehab SRO, Rent Supp, and RAP Conversions
    Date: Thursday, February 23, 3:00-4:30
    Register Here:

Each of these webinars will be recorded and posted for public viewing.

Posted: 1/13/2017
Taken from HUD's RADBlast Email:
Today, HUD has released Revision 3 of the RAD Notice (PIH 2012-32 / H 2017-03 Rev 3). As we have witnessed the program ramp up dramatically in recent years – nearly 60,000 public housing units have completed conversion to Section 8 assistance, leveraging over $3.8 Billion for construction and rehab, while nearly 22,000 units have been preserved under the second component – this revision builds on the program’s success and lessons learned in order to ensure that the program’s pace continues and more properties can be preserved and transformed. Under the First Component, the revisions serve to simplify certain program requirements, create new flexibilities to make more conversions feasible, and strengthen tenant rights. Under the Second Component, the revisions significantly improve the rent-setting options available to owners. A summary of key changes is listed below and we have also posted a blackline version showing the changes made in Revision 3 as compared to Revision 2. 
Posted: 8/30/2016
The PDF file below contains updated responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Housing Notice H-2015-04, Methodology for Completing a Multifamily Housing Utility Analysis.  This file includes responses to ten additional questions and replaces the UA FAQs that were emailed in RHIIP Listserv #338.
Notice 15-04 is available here
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HUD RELEASES FY 2017 Fair Market Rents
Posted: 8/29/2016

On August 26, HUD published a notice in the Federal Register announcing the Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 Fair Market Rents (FMRs). FMRs are used to determine payment standards for a number of housing assistance programs, including the Housing Choice Voucher and the Project-Based Section 8 programs.

The recently passed Housing Opportunities Through Modernization Act (HOTMA) revises the FMR procedure so that instead of publishing proposed FMRs for comment in the Federal Register, HUD can post these on HUD's website and announce the publication in the Federal Register. HOTMA also provides that public housing agencies and other interested parties may comment on FMRs and request revaluation in their jurisdictions before such FMRs become effective.

HUD's notice announces that the proposed FMRs will take effect on October 1, 2016 unless interested parties request reevaluation of their FMRs by September 26, 2016.
Text from NCSHA
Posted: 8/22/2016

On July 29, President Obama signed the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016 (HOTMA) into law after Congress unanimously passed the legislation. HOTMA streamlines certain parts HUD’s rental assistance programs, including the public housing program, the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, and the project-based rental assistance program.

This NAHMAnalysis provides a brief overview of HOTMA, including a summary of relevant housing sections for members. HOTMA contains alterations to the physical inspection of units, income calculations and reviews for tenants, housing provisions for veterans and people experiencing homelessness as well as several other changes to HUD’s program administration.

The NAHMAnalysis may be found on the NAHMA website here. (Link updated 8/22 at 2:11pm EDT)
(Text taken from NAHMA email)


Post: 7/6/2016
HUD has posted to the Federal Register a proposed methodology for determining the amount of funding a public housing agency (PHA) will receive for administering the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program - one that uses factors that a recently completed study demonstrates are more reflective of how much it costs to administer the HCV program.  HUD seeks comments by October 4, 2016.  All comments much include the docket number: FR–5874–P–03, and can be submitted in person, via mail, or through the Federal eRulemaking Portal at
To read the entire Federal Registry entry and get the complete details, download this PDF:
Housing Choice Voucher Program - New Administrative Fee Formula
Posted: 6/23/2016
On June 16, 2016, HUD published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking titled “Establishing a More Effective Fair Market Rent (FMR) System; Using Small Area Fair Market Rents (SAFMRs) in Housing Choice Voucher Program Instead of the Current 50th Percentile FMRs (FR-5855-P-02)” which proposes repealing the 50th Percentile FMR regulation as a tool to help Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) deconcentrate voucher tenants and replacing it with a regulation based on SAFMRs. More information, including a link to the proposed rule, can be found here.

Please join representatives from HUD’s Office of Policy Development & Research and Office of Public and Indian Housing for briefing about the proposed rule. The briefing will be webcast on Thursday, June 30, 2016, from 11am-12:30pm ET. The webcast link will be available here on the day of the event.

HUD staff will walk through the proposed rule and answer questions. Please note that this forum is not a venue to submit official comments on the proposed rule. Only comments submitted through (or by mail) will receive consideration as public comments.

If you have any questions, please contact Alejandro Aviles in HUD’s Office Public Engagement at 202-402-4735 or

Register for the Webcast


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Public & Indian Housing Notices

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Updated: 4/25/2017



PIH 2017-06

Cash Management Requirements for the Housing Choice Voucher Program - This Notice revises the cash management requirements and procedures for the disbursement and reconciliation of Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) funds provided to public housing agencies (PHA) under the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, including Moving-to-Work (MTW) agencies.

PIH 2017-05 (HA)

Income exclusion under temporary Census employment and Census access - This notice clarifies the exclusion of temporary employment payments by the U.S. Census Bureau pursuant to 24 CFR 5.609(c)(9).

PIH 2017-04 (HA)

Limitations on Payments to Influence Federal Transactions for PIH Programs and PHA Anti-Lobbying Certification and Disclosure Requirements - This Notice provides guidance for PHAs that receive federally appropriated funds exceeding $100,000.

PIH 2017-03

HUD Guidance on Instituting and Enforcing Smoke-Free Public Housing Policies - This Notice provides regulatory guidance for “Instituting Smoke-Free Public Housing” (FR-5597-F-03) (the “Smoke-Free Rule” or “Rule”).

PIH 2017-02 (HA)

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Self-Petitioner Verification Procedures - This notice explains the procedures that public housing agencies (PHAs) must follow when an applicant or resident/tenant requests admission or continued residency as a result of being a VAWA self-petitioner.

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