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Jennifer Keogh

VP of Operations & Affordable Housing, Progress Residential

Part 1: This week, Katie is joined by ChangeMaker Jennifer Keogh, Vice President of Operations and Affordable Housing at Progress Residential. With over 20 years as a leader in the affordable housing space, Jennifer brings a wealth of experience to the conversation. She previously served as Deputy Executive Director at the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority and as Chair at NAHRO, the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials. Now at one of the nation’s largest providers of single-family rental homes, Jennifer oversees operations and spearheads initiatives aimed at increasing accessibility and affordability for renters. She joins Katie to discuss her inspiring career journey and Progress Residential’s innovative approaches to making rental living more attainable for families across the country.

Part 2: In the second half of the episode, Jennifer reflects on her tenure as Deputy Executive Director at the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority during the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil unrest following the murder of George Floyd. She opens up about the lessons learned from navigating those turbulent times while continuing to serve some of the community’s most vulnerable residents. Katie also asks Jennifer to gaze into her proverbial crystal ball. Jennifer provides an inside look at the company’s long-term vision for disrupting the single-family rental space through affordable housing initiatives, sustainable building practices, and innovative community programs. Don’t miss her inspiring insights and bold predictions for making rental living more accessible and enriching for families nationwide in the years ahead.