Katie Goar Team Image

Mike Loftin

Chief Executive Officer, Homewise

Part 1: Katie Goar sits down with ChangeMaker Mike Loftin, a true visionary in the affordable housing space. For over 30 years, Mike has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Homewise, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making homeownership accessible in New Mexico. Under Mike’s steadfast leadership, Homewise has pioneered an innovative and comprehensive model to guide individuals and families through every step of achieving the American dream of homeownership. From financial education to affordable mortgage lending, Homewise provides families with the support and resources needed to successfully become homeowners. Tune in as Mike shares his inspiring story, the challenges he’s faced, the victories he’s achieved, and his unwavering commitment to building stronger communities through homeownership. You won’t want to miss this insightful conversation with one of the true ChangeMakers transforming lives and communities through the power of affordable housing.

Part 2: In the second half of this inspiring conversation, Mike Loftin dives deeper into the long-term impact and vision behind his pioneering work at Homewise. During part one, Mike discussed leveraging HUD and FHA programs to open up homeownership opportunities for underrepresented groups that have historically faced barriers to achieving this core aspect of the American dream. Katie presses Mike further, asking, “What specific policies or actions would need to be implemented at a broader level to truly achieve those goals of increasing homeownership equity?” Mike draws upon his decades of experience and deep understanding of housing policy to outline potential solutions. From reforming creditworthiness criteria to developing more low-cost financing options, he provides an inside look at the systemic changes needed to level the playing field. Don’t miss this candid discussion that gets to the heart of what it will take to make the dream of homeownership a reality for all families, regardless of their background or circumstances. Mike’s wisdom and innovative ideas will inspire you and could serve as a blueprint for real, lasting change in increasing access to affordable housing nationwide.