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Ned Williams

Executive Vice President, The Michaels Organization

Part 1: Katie sits down with Ned Williams, Executive Vice President at The Michaels Organization. Under Ned’s visionary leadership, Michaels has emerged as an innovator in developing attainable housing solutions to meet the needs of the workforce. Ned brings decades of experience and a profound passion for creating inclusive communities where people across the income spectrum can afford to live. The conversation spotlights Michaels’ groundbreaking partnership with Disney to build an attainable housing development in Florida – a pioneering project aiming to set a new standard for addressing the housing crunch facing middle-income families who earn too much for subsidized housing yet struggle to find affordable options near major job centers. Tune in as Ned shares insights into this game-changing initiative and Michaels’ broader mission to ensure attainable housing opportunities for all.

Part 2: In part two, the conversation shifts gears as Ned weighs in on how local governments can foster or hinder the growth of affordable housing developments through policies, zoning, and public-private partnerships, sharing his perspectives on what municipalities can do to incentivize critically-needed affordable projects. Katie also taps Ned’s expertise on military housing, asking “How does The Michaels Organization envision its military housing projects contributing to the broader wellbeing and stability of military families and communities?” Ned discusses Michaels’ approach to creating living communities that support and enrich the lives of servicemembers, veterans, and their families. Whether workforce, senior, or military housing, Ned underscores Michaels’ commitment to building not just homes, but vibrant communities that uplift residents and strengthen neighborhoods, making for an insightful discussion on attainable housing solutions.