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Part 1: Get ready for an incredible story of compassion, transformation, and the power of a single act of kindness on this week’s episode of ChangeMakers, hosted by Katie Goar. Our featured ChangeMaker didn’t set out to change the world or create a national nonprofit. It all began with a heartfelt act of kindness towards a friend in need. Join us as we dive into the inspiring journey of Treger Strasberg, the remarkable individual behind Humble Design. What started as a small endeavor has now blossomed into a national nonprofit and a worldwide movement. Humble Design is revolutionizing the way we approach homelessness by providing not just shelter, but also hope, dignity, and a fresh start. The impact is astounding—families who have been touched by Humble Design now boast an incredible 99% success rate of remaining in their homes, breaking the cycle of homelessness. This episode of ChangeMakers will inspire you to embrace kindness, compassion, and the potential we all possess to make a difference. Prepare to be moved as we witness the incredible ripple effect that a single act of kindness can create. Tune in now to ChangeMakers, hosted by Katie Goar, and be inspired to become a catalyst for change in your own community.

Part 2: In the highly anticipated second part of Katie’s conversation with ChangeMaker Treger Strasberg, the Founder & CEO of Humble Design, get ready to be uplifted by this incredible organization’s unwavering determination and transformative impact. In this episode, we delve deeper into the geographic impact of Humble Design. Join us as Treger shares the inspiration behind the organization’s evolved motto, which encapsulates its unwavering commitment to changing lives. Discover how Humble Design provides hope and a fresh start to families and veterans emerging from homelessness by furnishing their homes free of charge. This episode will leave you inspired and motivated to embrace empathy, kindness, and the power of community in creating lasting change. Don’t miss out on this empowering conclusion to Katie’s conversation with Treger Strasberg, the visionary leader behind Humble Design.